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Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The first wealth is health."

The following are a list of some of our services:


Achieve Your Goals

Supporting Your Success

I offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. Whatever your health goals are, I am here to support you.

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Consultations, Coaching, and Counseling

A Healthier You

Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced Certified Health Coach. We will perform an initial consultation to assess your individual needs and establish new goals. Ongoing coaching and counseling will help you to achieve your best health!

Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling

Better Decisions

Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed Health offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several personalized sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. Don’t wait to schedule your session today.

Pantry Makeover

Get Rid of the Junk!

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed Health will give you individualized guidance on the foods you and your family are already consuming. Learn how to use an easily identifiable system to help you prioritize your food choices.

Grocery Store Navigation

How do I shop for food?

Changing up old habits can mean even something seemingly simple like grocery shopping can present new challenges. Learn how to shop for healthy food (even on a budget), where to scrimp and where to splurge, how to read and interpret confusing and intentionally misleading food labels, and even how to navigate the store to avoid unnecessary, unwanted, and unhealthy temptations!

Food Allergy/Food Sensitivity Management

The Guidance You Need

For years, Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed Health has been providing food allergy and food sensitivity management with comprehensive plans that are catered to each individual’s needs. This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to healthy eating and living. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with these great tools and techniques.

Cooking, Food Preparation Assistance, and Meal Planning

Health starts at home

Let's face it, old habits die hard and changing our food patterns can be especially difficult when we're faced with meal planning and we're not used to cooking or we're in unfamiliar territory in the kitchen. We can help you plan and feel more at ease to facilitate your new, healthy changes!

Workshops and Classes

Knowledge is Power

Share the valuable information and knowledge we provide with your family and friends! Would you like to host a fun cooking class to help others learn to be healthier too? How about a fun evening to cook a healthy meal and follow it up with a delectable and super healthy dessert with printed recipe cards for the attendees? We can also partner with you to promote your business with a class or workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Personal Care and Home Detoxification Guidance

What are you putting on your skin and breathing in your home?

Did you know that the vast majority of cosmetics -- 96% of those tested -- contain lead? Your skin is your body's largest organ. Are you absorbing lead through your skin or swallowing it in your lipstick? What are you and your children and family breathing in the air in your home?

Sports Nutrition Education

Healthy Performance

Increase your athletic potential and your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Certified Health Coach. Whatever your current diet is, Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed Health carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific needs. So if Sports Nutrition Education is what you’re looking for, schedule a session today.


Food That’s Delicious, Satisfying, and Good for You