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Your Certified Health Coach Questions Answered



What is a Certified Health Coach?

Like a sports coach guides athletes to become better athletes, a health coach guides individuals and families to better health. A health coach will help you navigate the confusing barrage of often contradictory information by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation.

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A health coach is NOT a doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe. While a doctor is trained for intervention when something goes wrong with your health, a health coach is also trained for intervention, but more importantly for prevention and stopping disease before it ever happens! I am also proudly NOT a registered dietician. You should not take the opinions or advice of your health coach over that of a qualified medical professional. See the full disclaimer here.

What benefits can I expect from using a Certified Health Coach?

As is the case with most things in  life, you will get out of health coaching what you put in to it. Some of the potential benefits include living longer and healthier, weight loss, better behaved and healthier children, more energy and focus, a better mood, saving time and money, improved athletic performance, and many more!

Think of how you felt when you were at your healthiest, compared to how you feel now. If there is room for improvement, our goal is to get you to your healthiest self possible and possibly even exceed your previous healthy plateau!

I've tried many things before. Why is health coaching effective?

There are many reasons why health coaching is more effective than other methods, such as "dieting." For example:

  • Studies show that health coaches can help people prevent and manage chronic conditions and generally improve their physical and mental health.

  • A health coach helps clients determine an action plan and supports them along the way.

  • Coaching is effective because it provides accountability, motivating clients to share a commitment with their coach and then reporting back.

  • Health Coaching works because it utilizes the latest science on motivation and behavior change.

Why do I need a Certified Health Coach?

Investing in your health is helping to insure the greatest asset you have - your health. While a coach can't make the changes for you, a coach will help you start in the right direction and motivate and guide you along the way to your personal health goals.

My board certification by the AADP assures you that I have been through extensive training and third-party verification in order to become a certified health coach.

Do I need to buy extra products to work with a Certified Health Coach?

No! You will not need to buy any weight loss supplements, pre-packaged foods, meal replacements, etc. Health coaching is not about something you need to buy and continue to buy to get healthy or lose weight, it is about learning to live the most healthy lifestyle possible. That, in turn, becomes sustainable without extra products.

What types of clients do you serve?

I will serve any client who is committed to improving their health or that of their friends and/or family. However, in addition to baseline training I have additional training in working with families, pregnant and postpartum women, and seniors.

Isn't health coaching mainly for sick people?

Not at all. Anyone can potentially benefit from health coaching. Could you use more energy? More focus? A better mood? Better behaved and healthier children? Unless you feel like you are already at the pinnacle of your health journey, chances are you could benefit from health coaching in one form or another. However, those who are overweight or struggling with disease might have the most to gain from health coaching.

OH NO! I see a lot of pictures of vegetables...can I only eat "rabbit food" and salads?

Absolutely not! While each person's dietary needs are varied, individuals should eat the broadest range of foods that are compatible with that person. I definitely do NOT suggest only eating salads!

Are you just going to teach me to count food points, calories, grams of fat, etc.?

No. I do not have the time nor the desire to count such things in my life or the way I eat. The best nutrition plans depend on being easy, sustainable, and practical. Counting anything to an exacting standard is not conducive to that.

Won't eating healthy cost a fortune?

No! I can show you all the tricks I have learned to save money and still eat healthy, whole foods. I will teach you where your food dollars are best spent and where you should splurge and where you can pinch pennies. I feed my family and myself for FAR less than it costs to eat at most fast food restaurants!

I don't know how to cook. Can I still get healthy?

Absolutely! I can teach you what you need to know to get you started and we can take the lessons as far as you'd like. I can teach you many tricks that will make you comfortable in your kitchen and help you save time and money!

I am busy and I work full-time. Do I have time for health coaching?

Let me ask you this: Do you have time to be sick? No! Health coaching is an investment in your health, relationships, family, and future. I know what it is like to have a full-time job and kids and trying to juggle it all. Let me teach you all the tricks I've learned the hard way!

Are you available outside of regular business hours?

Yes! I will work with you to find a time that is mutually convenient and I am available on evenings and weekends.

I'm ready to get healthier! How do I start?

Contact us today to get started on your path to better health!